Exponential Change

A research based tool for exponential exploration

The 10X Prototyping Canvas is a method to support exponential change.

It provides you with guidance and documentation while you explore and experiment.

It lets you roadmap towards innovation via minimum viable prototypes, hence have “relentless prototyping" built-in.


The research based approach has been tested in 50+ workshop sessions with industries like Ericsson, Volvo, CGI, Stena, TetraPak, GKN Aerospace etc. and has been the backbone in the 10X Labs initiative. It has been developed and refined into present shape for past 20 years.

5+1 Phases of Exponential

The process is preferable used when you want to explore future possibilities in teams in a rapid sprint mode.

You arrive at an exponential roadmap with endgame goal, milestones, technology leverage, skills needed, partnerships needed and also a next step to act upon.

Download the Canvas

Here you may download the prototyping canvas.

  • The 10X Extended Prototyping Canvas (PDF)
  • The 10X  Extended Prototyping Canvas Examplified (PDF)
  • Case examples (PDF)

Contact Us

If you are interested in knowing more about cases, or application of, the 10X Prototyping Canvas in your organization and how we are developing the format further, please contact anyone of the authors/partners: